Low-voltage Drive , Safe and Reliable.

  • 48V DC,human safety.
  • Lower construction costs , hihger power.
  • Natural match with solar system.


Industrial Fieldbus Spectrum and Intensity Adjustable.

  • Standard industrial bus , High stability.
  • IoT design , easy to connect , easy to ues.
  • Imitate nature , intelligent regulation.
  • One system , all the stages , all the crops.


Multi-period Control , Simulate Sunrise and Sunset.

  • Customizable multi time period control , select the appropriate time to shine.
  • Boot slowly , shutdown slowly , imitate the sun,prevent plant stress response.


Group freely Multiple settings run simultaneously

  • Devices in the group can be reassigned at any time.
  • Each group has its own lighting strategy.
  • Same system , same time , multiple "seasons".


Up to 200+ Devices Per Bus

  • Each device can be controlled independently and work together ,
    the same bus , different groups , a variety of growth environments coexist at the same time.


Free App

  • The App gave you strong control ability.
    Scan the QR,connect the system,input your strategies,implementation it.Easy to deploy,security,flexible.

Intelligent LED grow lighting System



ZSP intelligent LED grow lighting system AiGrow (“AiGrow” for short)provides an efficient and simple lighting mode, building the expected lighting strategy into the embedded controller of the system through the mobile application software, and the controller works autonomously according to the requirements of the strategy, and drives the specified light quality and light intensity on the crops with time period without manual intervention.

AiGrow provides flexible grouping functions. Each group can apply an independent lighting strategy. Under one system, multiple lighting strategies can be executed without interference. That is, one system can dynamically provide fill light for multiple crops throught different lighting strategies.


AiGrow also provides the ability to manager device that can be grouped at any time, built-in lighting strategies, and generate two-dimensional codes to control immediately and effectively.

The bluetooth controller is a human-computer interaction product developed by ZSP for the construction of small and medium-sized systems for open bus network lamps. It cooperates with the interface of the mobile terminal to form a complete human-computer interaction. The user completes control of the device and data reading through the mobile terminal. The introduction of the mobile terminal improves the user experience effectively, reduces system cost, and improves reliability.

AiGrow has a variety of product configurations and can be used independently or embedded in other systems.


Safe 48v low voltage system, safe and reliable;
Reliable Designed according to industrial control product standards, long-term effective and reliable;

Easy connection with mobile phone bluetooth, control light quality, light intensity and working hours intelligently;

System customization mobile application software operation, function is comprehensive, simple and easy to use;

Nature Simulate the multi-time control of sunrise and sunset, gradually fade out and avoid the stress response of crops;

Each bus can drive 200+ devices, and the system scale is on demand;

Multiple sets of light recipes are executed in parallel.

Main Application Areas

Production AiGrow meet all growth stages of all plants with a set of system. Through dynamic adjustment, AiGrow meets the demand for “different plants have different requirements for light at different growth stages”, and producers can adjust their production plans at any time according to market demand;
Scientific Research The standard open bus interface provides the possibility to exchange information with other systems. Other systems can directly adjust the working status of intelligent lights through the bus or controller; The ability of full range of light quality and light intensity digitally adjustable and the ability to regroup at any time provided by AiGrow has provided strong support for scientific research needs for light control. AiGrow improves the efficiency and accuracy of scientific research because of its flexible control of light.
Education Configured by AiGrow, each treatment implements a unique growth formula, which satisfies the parallel execution of multiple experimental examples, facilitates observation, comparison, and more effective teaching. In high school and earlier education, this system allows students explore the mysteries of life and stimulate their enthusiasm for learning;
Business Through the application of AiGrow, on the basis of effective control of maintenance costs, the indoor green plants can be kept leafy and create a comfortable shopping space;
Balcony Gardening  AiGrow can make use of the three-dimensional space of the balcony to grow flowers and vegetables, beautify the environment and increase the fun.

System Composition

Bluetooth Controller 

The bluetooth controller is a human-computer interaction product developed by ZSP for building small and medium-sized systems for open-bus network lights. Through the small system built by the Bluetooth controller and the luminaire, the users can adjust the light quality and light intensity of the luminaire at any time, and meet the light demand of different growth stages of different plants. With the mobile application software interface, a complete human-computer interaction is formed, and the user completes control of the device and data reading through the mobile terminal. The introduction of mobile application software can effectively improve the user experience, reduce system cost and improve reliability, thus avoiding the dependence of the large system mode on the computer.

Network-type Intelligent Lamps

ZSP's network-type intelligent lamps adopt the same data interface and are implemented on the same bus. They can be connected to the bluetooth controller and managed by the bluetooth controller. These lamps include but are not limited to: ZPDT802-45, ZPDT802-60, ZPDM802-150, ZPDM802-350, ZPDB802-150, ZPDB802-350, etc.; ZPDM802-150, ZPDM802-350 directly use the city power, only the data line is connected to the bluetooth controller.

Intelligent Lamps Intelligent Switch,Conventional Lamp(optional)

The switch with a bus interface accepts and executes management machine instruction. A conventional lamp refers to a lamp that cannot adjust the light quality and light intensity.

Switching Power Supply

Convert the mains voltage of 110Vac/220Vac to a device with a voltage of 48Vdc.

Mobile Application Software

A program that runs on a mobile phone and manages the AiGrow system.

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