Air purifier

The air sterilization and disinfection purifier sucks the toxic and harmful air in the environment into the inside of the machine through the centrifugal fan, filter the dust in the air through filter screen, then through the super-strong ultraviolet light and photocatalyst of the working air flue, instantly killed the bacteria and virus in the flowing air, output the clean air, and clean air, quickly circulated to achieve the purpose of air purification and sterilization.

The electrical part is composed of a control board, a sensor board, a relay board and a communication

interface, and the boards are connected by an internal bus;

The structure part consists of a filter screen, a working air duct, a super-strong ultraviolet lamp tube, a photocatalyst network and a centrifugal fan placed at the front end of the fan.

Sterilization and Disinfection Mechanism

Sterilization factor:Ultraviolet light, nano photocatalyst material.

Sterilization mechanism:Nano photocatalyst materials produce catalytic activity under ultraviolet irradiation, and decompose toxic and harmful substances into non-toxic and harmless substances such as CO2 and H2O. At the same time, high-intensity ultraviolet irradiation can kill various microorganisms, including natural bacteria, fungi and vegetative forms of bacteria, mycobacterium and virus.


Product Feature

Very large filter, long working period

Stepless large air flow control, controllable light intensity design, size space can be applied

Variable air outlet direction, does not change the machine position, can change the air outlet direction as needed

The internal module adopts standard work field bus, and the whole frame is simple and reliable

It can be operated on the panel, connected through the control bus, applied on a large scale and controlled automatically by multiple devices

The built-in temperature and humidity light intensity sensor can sense the running status of the machine in real time and give accurate prompt information

No consumables design, simple maintenance

Device Parameters

Max Air Flow(m3/h)



450 × 450 × 850(Without Roller)

Sterilized bin volume (m3)


Max Power(W)

≤ 350

Purification Efficiency (%)

≥ 98

Bacterial Eliminating Rate (%)

≥ 95

Oxygen-ozone mg/m3

≤ 0.02

Removal rate of formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and TVOC (%)

≥ 90

Max Noise(dB)

≤ 62

Power Supply

220 V 50 Hz

Range of the Application (m3)

≤ 1000


5 ℃65 ℃

Relative Humidity

20 %80 %

Atmospheric pressure

860  hpa1060 hpa

Application Area

Widely used in disinfection and sterilization processing place of ambient air, such as seedling cultivation, tissue culture production, plant factory, greenhouse, life science laboratory, kindergarten, cinema and offices;

Description: This system has a mobile phone application software controllable model, through the mobile phone application software, you can set the machine's operating parameters.

PDF:User manual for Air purifier

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