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ZSP solutions of led grow lights

ZSP solutions of led grow lights for lettuce in Dominican

  • 1.Project original need

    • Emitting Color: Red, Blue in 5:1
    • Looking for one meter strips with similar size of aluminum heat sinks
    • Shelf size: 1.5 meter X 12 meter shelves X 5
    • Height between each shelf: a feet (30.48cm)
    • Height of light hanging: 8 inches to 10 inches above grow area
    • PPFD:between 10 -30 moles/m2/day about 16-18 hours light time per day
    • Shelf structure: 5 shelf's with mentioned dimensions on top of each other. And each shelf has like 10 -12 NFT channels
    • Goal of this solution
      • Choose the right lights
      • Design the exact solution for this project


  • 2.Calculation

    • For leafy vegetables like lettuce, PPFD 15 moles/m2/day is enough, namely 172 µmol/m2/s
    • Red, Blue in 5:1
    • So based on the lights PAR value and practical need, on one each square meters, it needs 149 watts 660nm red light and 44 watts 440nm blue light.


  • 3.Critical factors of this solution

    • Safe for end users
    • Luminous Efficiency (lm/w), to get the most lm/w is a must
    • Availability of controlling the spectrum, namely the proportion of red and blue
    • Cost of the whole solution


  • 4.Solutions

    • Unique Features
      • Power supply driver isolated from the light, keep end user safe all the time
      • Use Constant-Current driving method, no extra resistance power consumption and defective points compared to Constant-Voltage driving method, which uses a lot of resistance to lower the city voltage for lights. (See attached picture of comparison)
      • Option one
        • Simply design the LED grow lights with diodes red, blue in 5:1, and make it 193 watts each square meter.
      • Option two
        • Upgrade version of option one above with spectrum control
        • Diodes of red, blue in 10:3 with blue diodes control, which allows the proportion of spectrum changing.
      • Conclusion
        • Benefit of option one, simple and cheap, 30% cheaper than option two with spectrum control.
        • Benefit of option two, spectrum control for variable plants at different growth stage.
      • Estimated Installation Figure


  • 5.In addition

For both solutions, we will provide whole package of service, including installation guide. If necessary, installation video and remote technical support are also available.



Installation Figure

installation figure led grow light for lettuce